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Purposeful Activity

Education is a purposeful activity in which both a child and an adult grow up. The process of upbringing is based on communication, which should be based on trust, respect, and honesty. The parent-child relationship is a uniquely close and meaningful human relationship based on affection and interaction.

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Appropriate Method

The best or most appropriate method of rearing has been much debated and is likely to be debated. However, there is a general consensus that it is impossible to do without borders and the parent should act consistently, value-based and respectful of the child in his or her demands.

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Ideal Parent

There is no point in trying to be an "ideal parent" - everyone sometimes goes wrong, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. It is more important to listen to your heart and treat your child with love than with book wisdom or recommendations from someone you know.

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Magical Methods

Methods that act "magically" on one child may be completely ineffective on another. Failures to behave in the right way with a child should be seen as opportunities for development - self-criticism does not change behavior retroactively. However, a clear goal setting and determined action in the set direction increase the probability of success. The more water droplets dripping into one place, the more confident they will make their way…

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Course 5

Unfulfilled dreams

Parents often want to see their children realize their own unfulfilled dreams. It may happen that the child is referred to a hobby or activity without realizing it, which the child may not even like. By doing so, there is a risk that the child will not withstand the load of expectations placed on him or her and psychological problems may arise.

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Course 6

Too High Expectations

A parent needs to get to know their child - only then can he or she understand the child and help him or her. At the same time, the child's over-zealousness (to the parent's liking) also deserves increased attention. Maybe he feels he has too high expectations ?!

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