Anacortes Starts School Year

Anacortes Club

Club Members enjoy a GREAT first week at the Anacortes Club

The Anacortes Club had a GREAT first week open! Opening on Monday, September 9th, the Club met 19 brand new members and welcomed back 81 renewals. With an average of 73 kids and teens a day (higher than the 2012 school years average of 56.6 in the first week!) we enjoyed the start of all of our great daily programs such as Daily Challenges with Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator Jacob Sevieri and Power Hour with Education Cooridnator Becky Rice.

The Anacortes Club is looking forward to a lot of fun to come this year, kicking it all off with our annual Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza Night on Friday, September 27th. Continue to check back and see more updates for the Anacortes Club.



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