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Career Launch Sales Pitch

Teens participating in the Career Launch program were asked an interesting question the other day: If you were a door to door salesperson, what would you be selling and what would your pitch be? This question was meant to encourage members to think about how to speak with confidence and conviction while being persuasive. This is an important skill for anyone, not just people in sales, especially when it comes to job interviews!

Once they were given some time to mull this question over the teens gave their pitch to Teen Center Program Assistant Colton Staker so they could try to convince him to buy their product. Some of the products and pitches were rather straightforward while others were a bit zanier.

Libby was selling chickens. She gave a compelling sales pitch that included how a chicken would provide eggs and meat. She also had the additional selling points of including a coop for the chickens as well as all their shots. She even said thatColtonwould get to name the chickens he bought.

Taylorsold a special new kind of backpack or bag that would organize the contents for you! Her sales pitch made sure to point out how convenient this would be for both school and a day of shopping.

The zaniest product by far was sold by Haley. It was a new sort of security system called “Mine Turtles”. Part landmine, part turtle.

Teens had a great time with this activity and loved how it let them be creative while learning how to think on their feet.

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2013 Winter Program Guide

Our Winter Program Guide is now available for download. Or pick up your copy in the January 29th Skagit Valley Herald or the January 30th Anacortes American.

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Foam Frisbee 500

Foam Frisbee 500

Members combine math & Frisbee skills in Foam Frisbee 500

Yesterday club members put their math and Frisbee skills to the test. In the Foam Frisbee 500. 

The game is played by having one person as the thrower. Their job is to announce a number between 50 and 500 before tossing the Frisbee to the rest of the participants  The member who catches the Frisbee gets as many points as was put up for grabs. If the member drops the Frisbee  he/she loses that amount of points. The first member to get to 500 points  wins and becomes the new thrower for the next round.

Triple Play Games takes place everyday from 4:30PM to 6PM and our Project Learn Activities take place everyday from 3:30PM to 5:30PM

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Brave Heroes Brighten Local Children’s Day

Brave Heroes Brighten Local Children's Day

Brave Heroes Torch Club cleaning and decorating stuffed animals before giving them to some really excited youngsters.

La Conner’s Torch Club, Brave Heroes, spent this afternoon cleaning up and decorating stuffed animals and took them to the Skagit Valley Family YMCA Early Learning and Child Care Center where 11 little boys and girls were given new furry friends to call their own. The La Conner Club is a registered chapter of S.A.F.E. which stands for Stuffed Animals For Emergencies. They became one for their 2012 National Service Project: Linking Hearts & Hands.

This ongoing project which started last spring, involves Brave Heroes receiving donations of stuffed animals from all over Western Washington. They then research places that can service or come in contact with children who are in need of comforting  stuffed animal. Once they pinpoint where they’d like to donate, cards are made with encouraging messages  to go along with the animals.

Torch Clubs like La Conner’s Brave Heroes, are chartered, small-group leadership and service clubs for boys and girls ages 11 to 13. Torch Club Members learn to work together to plan and implement activities in four areas: service to Club and community; education;  health and fitness; and social recreation. Through these service activities, Torch Club Members identify Club and community needs, develop programs and activities and actively participate in their community.

If you would like to donate any new or gently used stuffed animals or would like to learn more about Brave Heroes or any of our Service Learning programs feel free to contact us at 360-466-3672 or email Program Director Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at

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January Artist of the Month

Jackson Pollock Fine Arts Exhibit

The Mount Vernon Boys and Girls Club members enjoyed learning about January’s featured artist, Jackson Pollock, during our Fine Arts Exhibit Program. Jackson Pollock was an Abstract/Impressionist best known for his “Drip Period” where he used large canvas to drip paint and create abstract paintings that expressed feeling and mood. The club members did their own Jackson Pollock-inspired works using small rubber balls and acrylic paint on paper. They rolled the balls in paint and dropped them on paper to create lovely colored abstract work.

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Anthony’s Rotary Event Recap

Each table at the event included a place-mat with pictures of Club Members participating in every-day Club activities

On Thursday, January 24th the Anacortes Rotary in conjunction with Anthony’s Restaurant held their annual dinner to support local charities. This year, the Anacortes Club was chosen as the recipient of funds raised by the event. In total, the event was able to raise $21,650 to support a future facility for the Anacortes Club as well as day-to-day operations and programs of the Club.

A HUGE thank you to Anthony’s Restaurant and the Anacortes Rotary for putting on such a spectacular event. Also, thank you to the community of Anacortes for once again proving that Skagit Raises Great Kids.

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SMART Kids in Sedro-Woolley

This week our SMART Kids group came together to talk about people in their lives that are important to them and why they are important. Then the discussion turned to the kids thinking about someone they know that might need a greeting card or thank you card. With the help of our Junior Staff, our SMART Kids made cards for their teachers, parents, babysitters, and siblings to let them know that they are important and that we are thinking about them. 

Other projects the SMART Kids have been working are “The Lego Project” where the kids teamed up to build different parts of their city and then came together to connect their community. Through this process our Members learned the importance of team work and sharing, not just at the Club, but in their community. 

If you have any questions or comments about our SMART Programs please contact Program Director John Garman at 360-856-1830.

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Serving the needy at Reverie BBQ

Sedro-Woolley Teens happily volunteering at the Reverie BBQ Community Dinner.

Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club Members continue to work towards achieving their goal of earning the President’s Volunteer Service Award as part of the Year of Service.  Eight Teens from the Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club spent three hours volunteering at the Reverie BBQ Community Dinner on Tuesday, January 29, 2013. Reverie BBQ, located in downtown Mount Vernon, offers free dinners to the community during the last week of each month, in order to help needy families and the homeless.

The Teen volunteers helped with set-up and clean-up in addition to serving the meal. The group  served over 100 diners. Reverie BBQ Owners Matt and Cheryl Kaufman have been providing this service for several years and rely on the help of volunteers to the dinners a success. To view pictures from the trip click here.

If you have questions about our Service Learning programs please contact us at (360) 856-1830 or

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SW Winter Fundraiser Recap

The Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club held their inaugural Winter Fundraiser on Saturday, January 26th at the Sedro-Woolley Community Center. 200 generous Boys & Girls Club Supporters enjoyed a great event and raised over $15,000 to support targeted programs at the Sedro-Woolley Club and Teen Center!

After a gourmet pasta dinner prepared by the Cascade Job Corps Culinary Arts Program, guests then took to the silent auction tables, where coveted items were bid upon and fought for! Guests bought raffle ticket after raffle ticket in hopes of winning prizes like a Joe Jones Entertainment Pub Crawl, a Ladie’s Day Out, and Kenny Chesney Concert tickets!

Club Supporters had the opportunity to hear from Junior Youth of the Year Adriana Timblin, who shared the ways the Club has helped her learn and grow, saying, “The Boys & Girls Club has helped me to make new friends and to get along better with my sister… and I like that I can volunteer in the community with my friends from the Club.” Doug Wood, Sedro-Woolley Chief of Police, gave testimonial about the Club, stating, “With 100% certainty, I can say the Boys & Girls Club has had a profound and positive effect on the Sedro-Woolley community.” With that, guests then raised their paddles in support of the vital targeted programs and opportunities at the Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club, raising $3300 in pledges and donations to directly support the Club.

Thank you to everyone who made Sedro-Woolley youth a priority by attending the Winter Fundraiser! Thank you Event Sponsor Janicki Industries, CPI Plumbing and Heating, Consolidated Supply Company, Mobile Merchandisers, Doyle Guffie’s Rallye Auto Sales, Dimensional Communications, Carl’s Towing, KAPS Country Radio and Mike and Sue Cann. Many many thanks to the generous community for their thoughtful donations and contributions to this event. Lastly, a huge thank you to the SWBGC Community Council Members and Club Staff for hosting the Winter Fundraiser. We are so thankful to our amazing community for investing in our youth and teens!

Winter Event Committee

Jill Reid, Sarah Arquitt, Mike Yeoman, Pat Grenfell, Stephanie Cann, AJ Tokunaga, Josh Carpenter, Joe Jones, Justin Ward, Dan McIlraith, Caroline Davis, Barbara Kehoe, Pola Kelley.

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The Great Recycling Battle

Great Recycling Battle Winners at MV Family Plus Night

Family Plus Night at the Mount Vernon Boys and Girls Club was a blast! There were over 60 people who came to enjoy a wonderful buffet-style dinner and plenty of fun and games. It was also our kick-off event for our 2nd Annual Food Drive. Parents brought non-perishable food with them to the club to help with our goal of 500 lbs of food! The Youth of the Months and Get Fit Challenge Winners were announced and Lacey gave a presentation on the Be Great: Graduate initiative, a mentoring program we will be starting here at the club. Then we cleared everything away and began The Great Recycling Battle. Families joined together in a race for time as they made robots out of recyclable materials. Entries were judged and the Rodriguez and Suazo families won! Congratulations to everyone for making such fabulous recyclable robots!

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