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Youth Of The Month – August 2014

Mia W., age 9

Mia attends Mt. Erie elementary and has been a Club member since 2012!  She continues to attend through the summer with her two brothers and always demonstrates model Club behavior, not only as a big sister, but as a young role model.




Brennan M., age 9

Brennan attends Mt. Erie elementary and has been a Club member since 2012!  Brennan continually brings an attitude of excitement and fun to the Club.  As one of our most outgoing members, he is regularly looking for opportunities to help around the club….with hopes of one day running the place!





Megan L., age 13

Megan attends the Anacortes Middle School and has been a member since 2008!  Megan can always be found smiling and having a good time in the teen center or helping others in one of the Club activities.  She brings mature insight to all programs she attends throughout the year and is clearly on a path to bigger and better things!



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Nickelodeon Week is Wild and Crazy!

Nickelodeon Week

La Conner youth work together using every day objects to make the tallest structure in the Leaning Tower of Stuff competition.

You can always count on something fun going on at the La Conner Club but last week, the crazy and silly activities were even more abundant as members celebrated Nickelodeon Week!

Members had a blast getting exercise while participating in all kinds of activities such as 3 Legged Soccer, obstacle courses, balloon games and a Suitcase Relay, during which teams raced back and forth to dress in grown-up’s clothing then run back to their team and switch outfits. Youth had so much fun with the relay that they wanted to do it over and over again! Nickelodeon_Splat_Logo

Several hands-on learning activities also had members learning and smiling throughout the week. Dora the Explorer Bingo had youth learning colors and basic nouns in Spanish. The next day members used mini marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti to become mini architects and build their own structures. The building continued with daily Lego Challenges, personal baking soda volcanoes and a Leaning Tower of Stuff competition which challenged teams to work together to build the tallest tower out of every day items.

To round out the week, a group of members loaded into the Club van and took a trip to San Juan Lanes for some bowling!

The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will be open all summer long. For more information  any of our fun & engaging summer programming, please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email

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Youth of the Month – July 2014

Kaylee W., age 10

Kaylee attends Mount Erie Elementary. Kaylee recently joined the Club as part of its summer program. She has been a huge help to staff, helping check out games and set up art activities. 




AJ P., age 10

AJ attends Island View Elementary. He recently joined the Anacortes Club as part of the afternoon summer program. AJ is always polite to Club staff and does his best to help out where needed around the Club. 




Jonathan C., age 15

Jonathan attends the Anacortes High School. He has been a Club member since 2007. Jonathan has been coming to the Club at least 3 days a week to volunteer. He has been a huge help with different games and activities as well as helping to clean around the Club each night. 







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Anacortes Club Visits Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

Anacortes kids “digging” up fun!

Thursday, July 17th Anacortes Club kids explored Padilla Bay and left no stone unturned!  22 of our most curious Club members spent a day scouring the mudflats for sea life and other unique treasures.  After enjoying an outdoor lunch provided by The Food Lifeline Kid’s Cafe, we toured the aquarium and learned about this delicate ecosystem as part of our “Going Green” week at the Club.    

The Club’s operational hours are 12:30-6:00 Monday-Friday and remains excited to offer free lunches @12:30!

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Newspaper Fashion Show

newspaper 1On Monday, July 14th Club Members teamed up to create and design their very own clothing out of newspaper.  Members had fun coming up with their designs and accessories using nothing but newspaper, scissors, and tape.  This activity was part of the Anacortes Club’s Going Green Week, which focuses on recycling, nature, and making earth-friendly decisions.   newspaper 2

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PacMan, Roller Skating & More During 80’s Week

Skagit Skate

Club members take a break from skating to pose for a quick photo.

Although Club members weren’t able to experience the 80’s first hand, they sure enjoyed celebrating 80’s Week at the Club.

During arts & crafts time club members of all ages used fuse beads to make brightly colored designs reminiscent of pixelated 8 bit images from early computers.  Later in the week a group of older members used bright yellow fleece and string to sew their own PacMan plushie.  Most of them underestimated the ease of sewing and got quite tied to the challenge.  To round out flashback crafts, members chose from a variety of colored craft lace to weave their very own Boondoggle key chain using the box stitch.  
In the world of Project Learn, members were most excited about all the Uno!  Card games are always popular at the club but from young to old, all members had a great time playing this colorful game, which was actually invented in the 70’s but became popular in the 80’s.
Triple Play games revolved around retro classics too! Dodgeball, Red Light, Green Light, Red Rover and Scooter Races were all a hit, though the Triple Play Field Trip to Skagit Skate in Burlington was Club members’ favorite way to exercise during 80’s week.
The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will be open all summer long. For more information about Olympic Day, or any of our other fun & engaging summer programming, please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email
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19th Annual Golf Tournament

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LC Rings in Summer with Olympic Week


Olympic Flag

Members pose with their official Olympic Day flag outside of the Club.

Summer is in full swing at the La Conner Club.  Last week members celebrated athletics and sportsmanship with Olympic themed activities.  Through Arts and Crafts, Project Learn and Triple Play, members learned about different types of sports and about different countries from around the world.

A simple project using just paper, scissors and glue allowed members to recreate national flags for many different countries.  Later in the week youth used empty toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to make abstract paintings resembling the Olympic Rings.  The most popular craft project of the week was the Olympic Medals though!  Youth used salt dough to design and shape their very own medals, which were then baked by a staff member, and painted by members.  With the addition of a ribbon, La Conner athletes had their very own medals!
In the Learning Center, youth had fun learning about different Olympic sports through word searches, crossword puzzles and games.  They learned about Italy and engineering while 
participating in an activity called the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where members were given 20 sheets of paper, and had to work together in teams to construct the tallest tower.  Focus was a must for this project! 


And of course, Triple Play activities revolved around Olympic sports, too.  Soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis, and track and field events kept kids moving and outside for large portions of the days.  Thursday, June 26th the Club celebrated National Olympic Day by participating in a Pentathlon consisting of five different track and field events and signing this year’s Olympic Day Flag.  Youth had fun participating in a little friendly competition with their fellow Club members while getting in some good, old fashioned exercise too.
The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will be open all summer long. For more information about Olympic Day, or any of our other fun & engaging summer programming, please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email
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