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Youth of the Month – January 2017

Boy of the Month

Luka D., age 6

Luka joined the Club this past summer and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. He has been a welcome addition to the Club in his first year with high attendance, high participation in programs, and always having a positive attitude. Luka’s favorite game is bumper pool which he is much better than staff at.


Girl of the Month

Brianna F., age 8

Brianna attends Fidalgo Elementary and has been a Club member since February 2016. She enjoys her time at the Club working in the art room and playing games with her friends. Brianna is great at listening to staff and always including others.



Teen of the Month

Kara G.., age 16

Kara is a daily presence in the Teen Center where she works on her homework, plays cards, or helps with Keystone Club. Kara attends Anacortes High and has been a Club member since 2016.



Homework All-Star

Madison J., age 9

Ada goes to Power Hour everyday but she also brings her friends to the learning center too. She is great at keeping on task with her homework but also making it fun and lighthearted.



Artist of the Month

Alaea C., age 11

Alaea has been extremely helpful for our Art Room Coordinator this past month. She has been helping with cleaning, younger members, and some bigger projects. Alaea has also spent lots of time making her own unique artwork. 


Triple Play MVP

Joshua F., age 10

Joshua had the highest Triple Play attendance of any Club member this past month. He was also a key member of the Dodgeball League Champions, DFC Barcelona, making some great plays to help them win it all.



STEM Superstar

Abby L., age 11

Whenever it is time for coding or computer lab time, Abby is always the first one to get there. She enjoys the challenges that come with STEM activities as well as working with staff to get things done.



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Volunteer for Clubs Inspires Youth with the Art of Photography

Richard Raymond started volunteering with Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County in early October this year. With the expansion of the Clubs into the Mount Baker & LaVenture middle schools, volunteer help is greatly appreciated and adds to the richness of the Club experience. Richard immediately began teaching photography at the Mount Baker Club. Fortunately, the Clubs had already purchased camera equipment through a grant from Best Buy. Because camera’s are Nikon DSLRs, it gives the members quite a range of control over their photos. Club members start out by learning the very basic workings of the cameras, then work on composition and choosing subject matter. 

Mentored by well-known photographer, Lee Mann, Richard loves to share about his own experience of practicing photography out in nature. He reminisced about a day on the middle fork, Nooksack river, where he spotted an eagle on a low crag. He was able to sneak up fairly close, but eventually the great bird took flight. “When an eagle takes off to fly they drop at first because they are so large. The force of the wind from it’s wings took my hat off.” That was a great shot, but, he pointed out that if his wife, who was watching from afar, would have had a camera, she would have had the better photo. He then bought his wife a camera and now they enjoy the sport together. 

Richard was recently awarded “Rookie Volunteer of the Year” at a Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County awards event. “I think he was so surprised by the award, but it is very well deserved,” says Tammy Findlay, the Club’s Director of Marketing & Stewardship. “I’m so impressed with how Richard leads youth. This program gives them a great sense of accomplishment. Club members are taking pride in their work, and striving to improve and learn. They are engaged and eager. Richard’s passion for photography is inspiring.”

Richard just finished up a class at the Mount Baker Club and is now teaching a new group at the LaVenture Club which will run for 8 weeks. Then he will be back at Mount Baker for an Advanced Photography session with 5 Club members from the original class. They will cover the inner workings of the camera more in-depth, and advanced settings, as well as new photography techniques.

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Youth of the Month – December 2016

Boy of the Month

Ben B. Age 8

Ben started attending the club as a 1st grader back in 2014. He is really outgoing with both staff and members. He loves making up games and invites his friends to join him, once a program he loves starts like Dodgeball he will ask his friends to join so that everyone can join in on the fun.

Ben B.

Girl of the Month

Angelina D. Age 9

Angelina started attending the club last year. She is a Washington Elementary student in the 4th grade. Angelina is an amazing young girl who has really taken a liking to the club. She likes checking in on other programs when she arrives then is helping out while still having fun in whatever she chooses to participate.


Homework All-Star

Ashley R. Age 8

Ashley is a young girl who started at the club last year, you can be sure to find her in the learning center as soon as the door opens. Ashley Attends Jefferson elementary as a 3rd grader. Since she has started attending Power hour she has shown to be a very bright young girl.


Ashley R.

Artist of the Month

Selena G. Age 8

Selena is a 2nd grader attending Centennial Elementary. Selena loves art, Selena usually heads into the art room after she has tried out our other programs, usually Power hour.


Selena G.

Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Andrew F. Age 10

Andrew attends Centennial elementary as a 4th grader. Andrew is a bright young boy who is always looking for what fun activity he wants to play. If you were to visit the club you would most likely find him engaging in our triple play program. Andrew loves any of our more active activities, some of our favorites are things like Shark Shark Attack or Dodgeball.

Andrew F.

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