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Youth of the Month – March 2017

Boy of the Month

Cooper S. Age 7

Cooper joined the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club this summer and is currently a 1st grader at Washington Elementary School. Cooper is always carrying a smile on his face ready to join in on any activity the Club has to offer. Whether he is participating in an outdoor game, working on his homework in the Learning Center, or playing Bumper Pool, Cooper is always having fun with his friends, all while being respectful and demonstrating great character and citizenship.


Girl of the Month

Faith N. Age 10

Faith is a 4th grader at Madison Elementary School and joined the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club back in 2013, making this her fourth year attending. She is an amazing presence at the Boys & Girls Club by doing her homework in Power Hour, getting creative in the Art Room, and finding time to play outside. Faith has grown into a great leader and role model for other members by being a productive, caring and responsible youth through the various activities she has done at the Club!



Homework All-Star

Agustin C. Age 10

Agustin is a 4th grader attending Centennial Elementary School and has been coming to the Club for 3 years now. Agustin is always seen working on his homework before he does any other activity in the Club. Recently, he has been participating in the Power Hour Star Readers Challenge and in doing so has accumulated over 100 minutes of reading, the highest of all youth in the Club!


Artist of the Month

Ashley G. Age 9

Ashley has been attending the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club for 2 years and is currently a 3rd grader at Centennial Elementary School.  Ashley is always ready to work on any project the Art Room has to offer. Her imagination and creativity have helped her create amazing pieces of art, ranging from complex paper crafts, to drawings of cartoons. She loves participating in Drawing Club and is always willing to help other members, carrying a smile on her face!


Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Karlin C. Age 9

Karlin is a 3rd grader attending Washington Elementary School and started coming to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club back in January of 2015. Karlin can always be found playing his favorite activities outside which include soccer, dodgeball and shark shark attack. He doesn’t care about winning or losing, as long as he is out there having a blast with his peers, which makes him a great role model for other youth.

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Youth of the Month – March 2017

Boy of the Month

Austin M., age 6

Austin attends Fidalgo Elementary School and this is his first year attending the Club. He is a programming pro, spending his time in the learning center, Art Room, gamesroom, gym, and anything in between. Austin always has a positive attitude and trying new activities and games.


Girl of the Month

Jessica F., age 8

Jessica has been a Club member since 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. She loves spending time with her friends in the Art Room and working on her homework in Power Hour. Jessica is always eager to help staff and makes sure to include everyone when playing.



Teen of the Month

Olivia Y., age 15

Olivia is a diligent member of Keystone Club and is a constant presence in the teen center. Olivia has been a Club member since 2009 and attends Anacortes High School. She always brings her fun, bright, and witty attitude to the Club.



Homework All-Star

Dylan G., age 12

Dylan is extremely diligent at getting his work done. He also spends time in the learning center reading whenever he can and on the computers playing educational games.



Artist of the Month

Soleil R., age 12

Soleil is a daily presence in the Art Room and is always eager to help staff and other members. She recently had an art piece win in the Anacortes Art Contest and is currently competing in a regional contest. 


Triple Play MVP

Taryn M., age 6

Taryn is always eager to spend some time in the gym playing Triple Play games. She is fearless when it comes to competing with the older Club members and always remembers to have fun.



STEM Superstar

Marley B., age 10

Although she doesn’t normally spend time in the computer lab, Marley has been a regular attendee more recently. That is because she has been intrigued with the Clubs 3D design programs. Marley recently made herself a narwhal.  



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