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Youth of the Month – September 2017


Boy of the Month

Tyler M., age 10

Tyler has been attending the club since 2015.  He goes to school at Fidalgo Elementary. Tyler enjoys playing in the gym games and helping staff out with whatever activity they need help with.

Tyler M


Teen of the Month

Rhiannon, age 12

Though only joining the Teen Center this past summer. Rhiannon has been a huge help in the Teen Center always trying to get other to do an activity or encouraging them. She has been going to the Club since 2016 and attends Anacortes Middle School.


Rhiannon P

Homework All-Star

Abigail C., age 9

Abigail has been going to the club since 2016 .  Abigail is always eager to play games with staff in the learning center once she is done with her homework. She also enjoys picking up a book when she has finished with her homework.     


Abigail C.

Artist of the Month

Neraeah B., age 9

Neraeh spends lots of time in the art room. She really enjoys making art for staff or for her friends.

Neraeah B.

Triple Play MVP

Alaea C., age 11

Alaea is a Triple Play MVP and is always in the gym. Her favorite gym games are bump, duck duck hoops and any tag game.


Alaea C.

STEM Superstar

Jaden L., age 10

Jaden enjoys spending a couple days a week in the computer lab creating games and trying new 3D designs.  


Jaden L

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Let’s Build the Next 20 Years!

It’s incredible what has been accomplished over the last 20 years through the dedication and hard work of the Skagit County community. The work continues. With your help we can continue to enable all young people, especially those that need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. #fundafuture

If you’d like to celebrate with us today, please RSVP to attend a Birthday Party at the Clubs, October 18, 2017, 4-6pm at your local Club in Mount Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, and Anacortes. If you are unable to attend, please consider donating today. You can help us build the next 20 years.

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October 2017 Youth of the Month

Girl of the Month

Angie G. Age 6

Angie is a first grader at Madison Elementary. She has been attending the Mount Vernon Club since May of this year. In that time, she has been a joy to have in so many of our programs. She gets involved in art, is respectful to staff and fellow students, and is intentional in doing her homework. Her sweet personality is one of the first things people notice about her.


Angie G.

Boy of the Month

Kevin T. Age 7

Kevin is a second grader at West View Elementary. He has been attending our club since April 2016. He has distinguished himself with his sportsmanship and respect. His favorite part of being at the club is Triple Play outside, but he also shows his good character in the Gamesroom and in his interactions with staff and fellow club kids.



Kevin T.

Homework All-Star

 Isaias B. Age 7

Isaias is a second grader at Madison Elementary. He is one of our newest joins having only been here since the beginning of September, but in that time he has impressed staff again and again with his good attitude, sweet personality and excitement to get involved in activities across the club. He also always makes a point to get his homework done every day.

Isaias B


Artist of the Month

Emily R. Age 10

Esmeralda is a fifth grade student at Lincoln Elementary. She is another of our brand new joins, having only been part of our club since the beginning of September. However, in that short time, staff have noticed that whenever the art room is open she can usually be found in there working on some new art piece and clearly enjoying her time in there.  She also spends time in power hour and the gamesroom.

Emily R.


Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Cooper S. Age 7

Cooper is a second grader at Washington Elementary. He has been coming to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club for  just over a year. In that time he has made an impression with how much he loves participating in outdoor activities. He also demonstrates sportsmanship and respect. He is a leader on and off the field.


Cooper S.

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