Art Projects at the Retirement Inn

Painting at Retirement Inn

Club Members paint with members of the La Conner Retirement Inn

The Club Members of the La Conner were invited to join the seniors at the La Conner Retirement Inn this past Tuesday.  The Art director, Janice, instructed the group on creating an art project using a combination of first and secondary colors on her color wheel.  She explained to the group that by mixing certain colors together you would achieve a different effect.  Janice also taught them to look at what colors reflected a warm feeling as opposed to a cool feeling.

The seniors and children then donned their “artist smocks” and with paint brush in hand they were soon painting like professionals. They were given paper and watercolor paint for their medium in which to create a design that could be woven together for its final stage.  Janice planned on cutting the paintings into strips and by weaving them together she could create an intricate pattern for display.

The students were very excited to think that their creations might be on display at the MoNA Museum in La Conner for all to see.  Everyone was very excited as they shared their experience and their paintings with one another. The Club is looks forward to participating with the seniors at the La Conner Retirement Inn again. The Boys & Girls would like to shout out a big “Thank You” for the GREAT DAY and learning experience from Janice and everyone involved! 

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