A Water World of Fun

Water World

Members cautiously passing a huge water balloon, never quite knowing when it’s going to burst!

This past week La Conner Club members embraced summer and participated in all kinds of water games as part of the weeks’ Water World theme.  Thankfully the weather held out and the sun shone brightly every day!
Games that splashed the kids kept them cool throughout the week and included Draw From the Well, a Water Balloon Relay, Frozen Feet and more.  The Sponge Relay was a big favorite of the water games.  Youth took turns using sponges to soak up water from a large bucket before running across the play area to try and fill a cup with water before the opposing team filled their cup.  Running around with a soaked sponge cooled off many club members too, and soon, the water was flying everywhere!
Other activities for the week included Sharks and Minnows, Beach Towel Tennis, Watercolors, Rainbow Bubbles and a field trip to a water park.
Thirteen Club members had a blast on Friday at Birch Bay Water Slides.  The Activity Pool was one of their favorite places to hang out because members could play games, splash around, and go nuts!  When they build up the nerve, members joined the lines for the water slides.  From the Corkscrew to the Twister to the Black Hold, the slides were a definite highlight of the week and were the main source of the day’s shrieks and laughter.
The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will be open all summer long. For more information  any of our fun & engaging summer programming, please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email laconner@skagitclubs.org


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