Anacortes Boys & Girls Club partners with Washington Reading Corps


From the start of school through March, our three Washington Reading Corps members have been able to provide 159 sessions of mentoring, creative writing, journaling, and literacy focused activities for kids. We have also seen a tremendous increase in Club members participating in the homework and reading program from 75 members during the 2013-2014 school year to 164 members for the 2014-2015 school year. That is an increase of 90 Club members! In the words of Amanda Rana, one of our WRC members, “Success is more than just results, it is inspiration set into motion. Inspiration begins with confidence. As AmeriCorps members, we are charged with a vision to inspire the students to believe in themselves and equip them with skills needed to improve in reading. When students feel confident about their reading they keep reading on their own time. The more practice, the more progress. We have seen a dramatic boost in reading at the Club. The daily involvement that AmeriCorps members have in the lives of the children, gives students the confidence they need to keep reading at school and at home, and the skills they need to read well.” 

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