Anacortes Club Collects for Community Troop Support

Anacortes Club will be collecting for the Sedro-Woolley Troop Support thru November 13th

The Anacortes Club will be collecting items for the Sedro-Woolley Community Troop Support from November 1 thru the 13th. Donations brought to the Club will be taken to Sedro-Woolley to be used in their annual Christmas Care Packages, sent to troops serving overseas.

If you would like to help with this months Service Project, bring items from the wishlist below to the Anacortes Club before November 13th.


Community Troop Support Wish List

Please Note: Small or Individual sized packaging works best for most items. Many of our Troops that need Care Packages are traveling or are in tight quarters with limited storage capabilities.


Healthy, Filling Food

 Granola/Breakfast Bars, Pop Tarts

 Cereal, Oatmeal (Individual Packets)

 Dried Fruit, Raisins, Trail Mix, Nuts

 Beef Jerky, Slim Jims

 Ravioli, Soup, Spaghetti, Chili (Pop Tops)

 Tuna/Salmon Pouches or Kits

 Cheese (shelf stable) and Crackers


Drink Mixes

 Instant Coffee Packets, Creamer, Sugar

 Crystal Light, Iced Tea, Gatorade


Condiments (Individual Packets)

 Tabasco, Salsa

 Ketchup, Mustard

 Peanut Butter

 Soy Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce

 Salt & Pepper


Candy/Treats (Heat Resistant)

 Packaged Cookies, Chips, Cracker Jacks

 Licorice, M&M’s, Werther’s, Gummies

 Gum, Mints, Candy Canes


Personal Care/Comfort

 Shampoo, Conditioner (Travel Size)

 Hand & Face Wipes, Hand Sanitizer

 Chap Stick, Eye Drops, Nasal Spray

 Tooth brushes & Paste, Dental Floss

 Deodorant, Powder, Q-tips, Wash Cloths

 Mole Skin, Shoe Insole Cushions

 Foot Powder, Foot Cream

 Insect Repellant, Sunscreen

 Disposable Razors

 Feminine Hygiene Products



 Writing Paper & Envelopes, Blank Cards

 Pens, Pencils



 Socks (Heavy Duty), Underwear

 Ziploc Baggies, Plastic Spoons, Forks, Knives

 Small American Flags

 Batteries, Disposable Cameras

 Flashlights, Personal Fan (battery operated)

 Hand Held/Travel Sized Games

  Crosswords, Comic Books, Puzzles

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