Anacortes Club Holds BGC Olympics

“Team Dynamite” – one of four teams competing for the week during the BGC Olympics

The Anacortes Club celebrated Olympics Week with their own BGC Olympic Games, opened with a traditional “running of the olympic torch.” The games lasted the full week, with members playing as part of a team throughout the week. Four teams were formed: Team Dynamite, Team Camels, The Rainbow Devils and Team Olympus. Members participated in different team challenges each day, including relays, water games, and kid versions of olympic events such as Frisbee Golf, Look-Up Volleyball, and the Quiet Olympics. Club members learned the importance of workings as a team to complete each challenge and recieived points for ever event they participated in. On Friday, Club members came together for their closing ceremonies where each team was congratulated on their impressive showing at this years games.The bronze medal went to Team Dynamite, the silber to Team Olympus and the gold to The Rainbow Devils. It was a great week learning about each other as well as learning about the Olympics and their history and importance.

Check out pictures of this awesome week here!

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