Anacortes Science Club Soars

Anacortes Club Kids learn about aerodynamics

The Anacortes Club has just completed week two of our unit on aerodynamics, and the airplanes were flying around the Power Hour room non-stop. Week one we discussed how both bird and airplane wings work and made a simple wing that would lift with very little wind. We then made a streamline airplane and competed for the longest flight.

This last Friday we made acrobatic airplanes that were challenging both in the making and in the flying. Many test flights were made and adjustments made to flaps to try to learn how to control the flight path. There was not the predictability of the first airplane, but it was fun to see the stunts these planes would do. We tried to hit a target or land in a trash can. After several attempts, two awards were given to the ones that came closest to the target and one for a near hit in the can. We also learned a new way to throw an airplane in the air backwards with some pretty awesome results!

Next Mad Science we will make a very strange looking airplane that demonstrates what controlled airflow will do. We predict that we will be setting some new distance records!

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