Anacortes Members Learn Ukulele

Anacortes Club Members learn Ukelele at Senior Activity Center

On Thursday, August 9th, members of the Anacortes Boys & Girls Club took a walking trip to the Senior Activity Center for its weekly Ukulele class. Members were able to sit amongst participants, many of which lent their personal ukuleles to Club members and taught them how to play different chords. When not playing an instrument, Club members were encouraged to sing along to songs, and even got to bang on pots and pans for one! This is the first trip to the ukulele class that the Anacortes Club has taken. With the Anacortes Club’s move to city hall, a walking trip will not be as convienent, but plans are already in the works to bring the ukulele class to the kids. Seniors and Club members alike enjoyed this day of connection between the different parts of our community. We look forward to our next class!

To see more pictures of Anacortes Members at the Ukulele class, click here.

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