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Club Tech: Clay Tech

Storyboard for the animation short “Dinosaur Zombies on the Moon!”

This week the La Conner Fine Arts & Technology Program has been continuing their hard work on set design and character development for its stop animation, future sci-fi classic, “Dinosaur Zombies on the Mooooon!”  The kids have used clay to create the cast of crazy characters and the star of our movie, “Marcus Trent.” Members have learned about story-boarding as a way to conceptualize and plan movies, and have worked in teams to develop a plot line, and various sets for this spectacular thriller.

Without giving too much away, our hero is a retired astronaut, who, after a recent UFO sighting is reactivated for one final mission to the moon to investigate this mystery! During his journey something goes catastrophically wrong with his rocketship and he is propelled out-of-control only to crash-land on the dark side… 



Have chills yet? We do!

Everybody on the movie crew has been great with learning about cooperation and working together to take a concept and turn it into reality. Teamwork has been an essential part of our movies development, and that continues to be emphasized that during the process.

“Dinosaur Zombies on the Moooooon!” is scheduled to premier at our Family PLUS Night in March to kick of National Boys & Girls Club Week. Stay tuned, and keep watching the skies…

Clay Tech

Clay Tech and other Club Tech Programming is made possible at the LC Club thanks to the generous support of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community


The Boys & Girls Club of La Conner is excited to offer Clay Tech and other Club Tech programming for our Members ages 6-18 thanks to the generous support of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community.  If you are interested in signing up your student, want to volunteer, or sit in on a Clay Tech session, please contact Club Director Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at (360)466-3672.

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