Career Launch: Mission Statements

Career Launch participants put themselves in business owners' shoes.

Career Launch participants put themselves in business owners’ shoes.

During Career Launch at the Sedro-Woolly Club, Teens were asked to write a mission statement for fictional companies. Activities like this allow members to think beyond just the sort of job they want – they allow Members to picture themselves already doing that job. Even better, it encourages them to imagine being their own boss. By creating a mission statement, they get to decide what would be most important to their  business. Here are some examples of their mission statements: “Bliss Engineering will strive to make the best building you can create for the cheapest price,” and “Moore Acrobatics wants to give you the most amazing show on Earth. We are happy to present you with the cultural wonders of the world before your very eyes in the comfort of your home.”

Career Launch happens on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM. It is run by Colton Staker, Teen Center Program Assistant. 

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