Career Launch Sales Pitch

Teens participating in the Career Launch program were asked an interesting question the other day: If you were a door to door salesperson, what would you be selling and what would your pitch be? This question was meant to encourage members to think about how to speak with confidence and conviction while being persuasive. This is an important skill for anyone, not just people in sales, especially when it comes to job interviews!

Once they were given some time to mull this question over the teens gave their pitch to Teen Center Program Assistant Colton Staker so they could try to convince him to buy their product. Some of the products and pitches were rather straightforward while others were a bit zanier.

Libby was selling chickens. She gave a compelling sales pitch that included how a chicken would provide eggs and meat. She also had the additional selling points of including a coop for the chickens as well as all their shots. She even said thatColtonwould get to name the chickens he bought.

Taylorsold a special new kind of backpack or bag that would organize the contents for you! Her sales pitch made sure to point out how convenient this would be for both school and a day of shopping.

The zaniest product by far was sold by Haley. It was a new sort of security system called “Mine Turtles”. Part landmine, part turtle.

Teens had a great time with this activity and loved how it let them be creative while learning how to think on their feet.

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