Cargill Animal Nutrition Recommits to support Clubs

cargillBoys & Girls Club members recently made a visit to Cargill Animal Nutrition, in Burlington, to thank the staff team there for the renewed $3,500 investment on behalf of the 1,600+ youth members who attend the after-school & summer programs at the Clubs. Meeting with the manager, Andrew St. Lawrence, and many others from the mill team, Club members were able to talk about their favorite programs, what brought them to the Clubs, and the impact that they saw through the Club opportunities. “We share a common, and central passion—healthy lifestyles, and a grounded understanding of nutrition, and its effect on our wellbeing. Cargill has been a great partner,” John Garman, the Clubs’ Director of STEM Initiatives, remarked. “It’s great to work with companies who share our passion for youth, who focus on the healthy lifestyles of our communities, and who focus on nutritional science—from animals to people.”

Cargill Animal Nutrition, as an international leader in agriculture, nutrition, and feed products has been operating for more than 150 years. With a local mill operating in Burlington, and providing innovative animal nutrition solutions for most of the region, Cargill is one of the lead feed producers in Skagit County. The Boys & Girls Clubs’ partnership with Cargill is focused on Healthy Lifestyles programs, and reinforcing the habits & discussion of what leads to healthy lives, and healthy communities.”

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