Club Members “Gotta Catch Them All”

Pokémon Headbanz

Club members playing a variation of a popular skill building game using Pokémon trading cards.

This week in the gamesroom, a group of Club members developed a twist on the popular game Headbanz. Each member had to put on a plastic headband and put one Pokémon card in it without looking. One each player’s turn, that member would ask the others yes/no questions trying to determine the identity of the Pokémon they held. When the Pokémon is correctly guessed, the member takes a new card and continues. The scoring system was similar to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, where each player had 6 prizes, or points they could earn to win the game. After each successful guess of the card they held, a member could claim one of their prizes and move closer to victory. 

This unique game helped reinforces skills such as: item description, auditory recall, question formation/response, and collaboration.

For more information about Pokémon  Headbanz or any of our  high-yield learning activities that promote Academic Success, please contact Education Coordinator  Ellen Vaughan or Program Director Leah Vazquez at 360-466-3672.

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