Club Zoom in Anacortes

Club Zoom

Club Members experiment with Balloons in Club Zoom

The Anacortes Club has been having a lot of fun with our new program Club Zoom! We’ve explored paper roll cars with paper wheels on a ramp the first week where we discussed the importance of gravity to move the cars down a slope.  We also talked about drag and how important it was to make the wheels turn freely and with a small contact surface so the car wouldn’t slow down.  Last week we talked about fighting against the effects of gravity with our balloon rockets to the moon.  We discussed the need for thrust to get the rocket moving upward.  As the strings began to stretch after much use, the students had a chance to experience the effects of drag as the balloons did not shoot straight up, but began to ascend in very interesting patterns. This week we will be making hovercrafts with CDs and balloon energy.  We will talk about many elements of aerodynamics including drag, lift, thrust, and gravity. Club Zoom meets each Friday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00 with Education Coordinator Becky Rice.

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