Daily Challenges are a Slam Dunk

Basketball Daily Challenges

This rotation pass drill is designed to work on the core while also encouraging communication between partners.

Throughout the month of January, the La Conner Club has held Daily Challenges all geared towards basketball. With a variety of challenges focusing on different aspects of the game such as: dribbling, agility, passing, and shooting form. Members are getting a chance to get out and be active while learning how to set short term as well as long term goals for fitness.Triple Play

Triple Play Daily Challenges take place every day at the Club from 3:00-4:00pm. For more information about Triple Play Daily Challenges or any of our Targeted Programs that focus on Healthy Lifestyles, please contact the Club Director, Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at (360) 466-3672 or email kdavis@skagitclubs.org

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