December Youth of the Month

Girl of the Month

Samia G. Age 6

Samia is a first grader at Madison Elementary. She has only been coming since May of this year. In the time that she’s been a club member she has lit up every program and activity she has been a part of with her bright personality and smile. She is a respectful and fun loving young lady who enjoys making those around her feel valued. When she sees a club member off by themselves, it’s not unusual for her to go over and try to make friends and include them. 

Samia G


Boy of the Month

David D. Age 7

David is a 2nd grader at Madison Elementary. He has been part of our club since Sept 2017. David is a quiet leader who is respectful, listens well and participates in a wide range of activities. Since he started attending the Mount Vernon Club, it has been fun to see him come out of his shell little by little and participate in such a well rounded array of activities and programs. He is a pleasure to have as part of our club. 


David D.

Homework All-Star

Modesto D. Age 6

Modesto is a first grader at Washington Elementary. He has been attending the club since August of this year. He is the newest member of his family to join our club. Three of his older siblings are also members of our club. However, in the time that he has been part of our club, he’s made his own mark. He works hard during Power Hour to better himself academically and improve his reading skills, is fun to be around and is a respectful young man. 

Modesto D.


Artist of the Month

Alexis D. Age 10

Alexis is a 4th grader at Little Mountain Elementary. She has been a member of our club since last January.  During her time here it has been fun to watch her grow and mature into a young leader. She leads by example in the ways that she treats people, her willingness to help when asked and her respectful demeanor. Another area that she has shown brightly in is art. Anytime the art room is open and Alexis is at the club you can almost always find her in there working on her next masterpiece. 

Alexis D.


Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Izaiah G. Age 8

Izaiah is a 3rd grader at Madison Elementary. He has been a club member since the beginning of this school year. When he’s at the club you can most often find him outside participating in Triple Play. You would also note his high level of sportsmanship and his all around love of sports and outdoor activities. He is becoming a leader and we are excited to see him continue to develop as a leader on and off the field.  

Izaiah G.

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