Design Tech: Physics in Motion

Design Tech

Tech Program Assistant Christina takes a look at the work of Club Members Josie, Annie, and Eliza.

Yesterday during Design Tech, Members had the opportunity to draw, test, and travel down a virtual sledding path by playing Line Rider, a popular online game that demonstrates the laws of physics in action. 

Design Tech: Physics in Motion

Frank shows off progress on his virtual sledding track.

As Members started working on their test tracks, they encountered a problem: as creative as they wanted to be, it had to be physically possible for someone to ride a sled along their track. For example, if their track starts out by going up immediately, the sled will just fall off the back. As such, Members learn about the importance of principles like momentum. Once their tracks were completed, Members took turns showcasing their creations on the SMART Board in the technology lab, located in the La Conner Elementary School.
The Boys & Girls Club of La Conner is excited to offer Club Tech programming for our Members ages 6-18 thanks to the generous support of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community.
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