Dinos & Dinettes Draw Dinosaurs

Fraboom Drawing Academy

An example of a Member’s work from the Fraboom Drawing Academy.

 This week at the La Conner Club, Members took part in the Fraboom Drawing Academy during Brain Tech hour. Their task: To create their own dinosaur drawing. With the help of our Program Assistant Audrey and a creativity teacher from the Drawing Academy, Members learned how a series of circles, triangles, and some lines can produce prehistoric masterpieces. 

Next week, the Drawing Academy will be teaching how to draw bugs & rodents. Members can sign up for the Fraboom Drawing Academy during Brain Tech, which takes place every day from 2:00pm – 3:oopm in the Technology Lab at La Conner Elementary School.
 The Boys & Girls Club of La Conner is excited to offer Club Tech Programming for our Members ages 6-18 thanks to the generous support of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community.
What is Fraboom?
Fraboom is the world’s first live, interactive online children’s museum. Members can attend real-time classes featuring live teachers, play games, watch cartoons, collect points, create a customized brain character and participate in a variety of interactive activities meant to entertain while stimulating the mind. La Conner Club Members have unlimited access to this exciting world full of amazing educational online experiences.

What is the Drawing Academy?
In order to help meet the creative demand of parents, kids and public schools, Fraboom.com has
created the Fraboom Drawing Academy. This online program features a new technology that allows students and Creativity Teachers to interact live, in ways that have not been seen before. Club Members will get to work with Creativity Teachers who provide inspiration and instruction, as well as immediate feedback. Members can see, hear and chat with the Creativity Teachers. Fraboom teachers can see a child’s work and their creations can be shared with the entire virtual class, filled with students from all over the world. The Creativity Teachers have been submitted to a rigorous background check and do an excellent job of creating a class experience that is nurturing, easy to use and VERY safe.
Fraboom creativity teachers aren’t just ordinary teachers though… Fraboom teachers actually teach while playing the role of cartoon characters that have come to life. As kids attend classes, they’re not only learning, they’re having a great time.
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