Fine Art Contest: Week Three

Congratulations to Beau Mohr, who won the Fine Art Contest this week. Each week in May, members are given one medium to use and they can create whatever they like. Each art medium available during the contest are the same that will be used in the fall for the National Fine Arts Exhibit, where club members from all over the country showcase their artwork in age-specific divisions.

Using watercolors, Beau made a painting of a hot air balloon flying over a beach.

Her winning painting, along with the other awesome paintings, will be featured on our art wall for everyone to see.

Also participating in last week’s contest was Ele Drews, Irie, Lupton, Giselle Rindy-Cox, Allison Hill, Charity Jordan, and Sammy Davidson.

Next week’s art medium is sculptures.

Sammy Davidson NFA Contest: Watercolors.










Ele Drews NFA Contest: Watercolors.












Irie Lupton NFA Contest: Watercolors.










Allison H. NFA Contest: Watercolors

Allison Hill NFA Contest: Watercolors.










Giselle R.C. NFA Contest: Watercolors

Giselle R.C. NFA Contest: Watercolors.


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