Creative Writing Club

Club Members learn strong writing skills.

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Creative Writing Club focuses on both traditional and non-traditional writing activities that promote fun and excitement while helping Members to improve reading, writing and language skills. Volunteers run various writing activities that incorporate free writing, brainstorming, group writing, character creation, setting development, and developing stories to go with newspaper pictures (also a high-yield learning activity called “Every Picture Tells a Story”).

Members are encouraged to share their creative works with others, providing them with an opportunity to develop academic confidence. Creative Writing Club Members learn to tell their stories in many ways, from classical writing to comic sequential art story telling. In the near future, we plan to compile the kids’ stories and publish them.

If you are interested in leading the Creating Writing Club at our Anacortes, La Conner, or Mount Vernon Clubs, please visit our Volunteer page for more information. 

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Creative Writing Project

MV Christmas Writing Projects

Christmas is, of course, the theme for our writing projects in the Creative Writing Club this month. Last week, members learned about adjectives by coloring and decorating a snowman. Then they wrote a “Lost” poster describing their snowman using as many adjectives as they could. Afterwards, the lost posters and snowmen were mixed up so that members could read the descriptions and try and find which snowman matches it. This week, members wrote a letter to Santa using adjectives to describe exactly what they want for Christmas.

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MV Creative Writing Club

MV Creative Writing ClubMembers tried their hand at describing how to make holiday food. They each had a choice of writing how to make either a turkey or a pie. One member wrote how to make a strawberry pie:

“I think that you do a pie first, that you put on milk and dough. Then you row the dough and then you put strawberry on it and cook it for 2:00 minutes. And then you decorate and then you put on a little paper plate and eat it.”

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