Fun with Blowing Eggs

Blowing Eggs

Club members practice the art of egg blowing and decorating in La Conner

Last week, the La Conner kids had a great time in the Art Room participating in activities such as movie making, clay sculpting and yarn art.  The highlight of the week though, was egg blowing!

First, Club members got a lesson on the ancient skill of egg blowing, which has been practiced for thousands of years around the world.  Each member was then provided with an egg of their very own to  take a crack at blowing the contents out themselves.   The eggs were pierced on either end, and the children blew the egg yolk and whites into a pan, while taking careful attention not to crush the eggs in the process.  The result was a perfectly hollow shell!  

Once blown out, the hollow egg shells were ready to decorate.   Members used paint to express themselves and create colorful keepsakes out of the shells.

The La Conner Art Room is open every day from 2:30-5:00 p.m. For more information on upcoming art projects or any other Targeted Programs at the La Conner Club, please contact Arts Coordinator Jeff Mariott or Program Director, Leah Vazquez at (360) 466-3672.

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