Growing a Balanced Diet

Positive Sprouts 5.21b

Positive Sprouts water their seedlings in hopes of a hearty harvest this summer.

During the Positive Sprouts program, youth get the chance to plant seeds and watch fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow.  Club members learn what the plants need to survive and how to take care of them.  On Wednesday’s session of Positive Sprouts, La Conner youth discussed what people need to survive and how to take care of themselves through the food that they eat.  Club members participated in a relay game to separate a list of foods into different categories: Vegetable, fruit, grain, protein or dairy.  Next, youth discussed what they learned during the activity, like that beans are a good source of protein.    Several Club members were also surprised to learn that popcorn is a grain and can be a healthy snack option when not covered in butter and salt.

To finish off the session, youth headed to their raised beds where they tended to their plants by watering and weeding.  Later this summer the La Conner Positive Sprouts hope to be snacking on strawberries, lettuce, snap peas and more, all from their very own garden!

The Boys & Girls Club of La Conner is excited to offer Positive Sprouts The National Gardening Associationfor our Members ages 6-18 thanks to the generous support of the National Gardening The National Gardening Association and Jamba Juice’s “It’s All About the Fruit and Veggies” Garden Grant.  Thank you to both the National Gardening Association and Jamba Juice for providing this valuable educational opportunity to our Members.

Positive Sprouts runs every Monday and Wednesday from 3:00 – 4:00pm. For more information regarding this, or any of La Conner’s targeted programs, please contact Program Director Leah Vazquez at (360) 466-3672 or email

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