Healthy Habits Guest Speaker

This week, the Sedro-Woolley Teens had a special guest speaker for their Healthy Habits program, Sedro-Woolley Police Officer Mike Ellis. Officer Ellis joined our Teens to help educate them on important topics like drug abuse in their community, the new marijuana laws, and how drugs affect the body. He helped to clear up some of their confusions that “marijuana is now legal?” Not the case as Officer Ellis explains. It is still a drug and is illegal for a minor to possess any amount of it and even though there are the new State Laws, there is still a Federal Law that bans its use. Many businesses are still requiring their employees to avoid drug use of any kind. The Teens were also surprised to hear that Meth and Heroin is still prevalent in their community and seemed off put at the idea that drugs can be very addictive and end up controlling your life. Officer Ellis was friendly and informative and answered numerous questions from the curious teens. In fact, the Club members enjoyed talking to him so much that he stayed at the Club much longer than was originally planned! We would like to thank Officer Ellis for taking the time to visit with us and for sharing his knowledge.

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