Club Experience Indicators

Attendance serves as the foundation of the Boys & Girls Club measurement strategy. To effectively demonstrate impact, Clubs must know who is in their building, how frequently they attend and in which programs they participate. In order to attract new Members and encourage existing Members to attend more often, a Club must provide a powerful Club Experience. Therefore, measuring attendance and participation helps the Club assess the effectiveness of its Club Experience.

Attendance and Participation
Research conducted for BGCA suggests that youth who attend the Club 52 times per year (approximately once per week) are more likely to demonstrate positive outcomes than those who attend less frequently. Youth who attend 104 times (approximately twice per week) or more per year are likely to demonstrate an even larger number of positive outcomes. Other studies have shown that youth who participate in out-of-school time programs for a duration of at least two years have more positive outcomes than youth who attend for a shorter period of time.

Attendance and participation can be measured in three distinct ways: frequency/intensity (how many days during a given period of time), duration (over what period of time) and breadth (in which programs a member participates). Collecting attendance and participation data will allow Clubs to investigate the relationship between attendance and participation and Member outcomes by comparing the outcomes of Members who attend and participate at various levels.

BGCA will collect Club attendance data (e.g., Member daily attendance, membership and renewal dates) from all Clubs. BGCA will collect program participation data from Clubs that capture this information for individual Members.

Member Perceptions of Club Experience
With Search Institute, BGCA has identified Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development. These Five Key Elements describe the strategies that highly effective Boys & Girls Clubs employ to shape positive youth development and achieve the greatest impact on Members. When Clubs implement the Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development, they provide the following for their Members: a safe, positive environment; fun; supportive relationships; opportunities and expectations; and recognition.

It is important that Clubs know how well they are delivering the Five Key Elements. Young people must feel connected to the Club in order for the Clubs to recruit and retain Members. This is also how a Club has the greatest impact on youth.

BGCA will provide Clubs with a survey to capture Members’ perceptions of the Club Experience (e.g., the number and percentage of Members who feel a sense of belonging and connection to the Club, the number and percentage who feel safe at the Club, etc.). BGCA will collect these data from all Clubs.

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