Inspiring Stewardship

In early March, I challenged our Club Directors to use their time during spring break to demonstrate stewardship to our Club kids by getting out in the community more and showing our thanks. It’s only with our community partners and collaboration that we can provide the services we do to the number of kids we affect in such a positive way each year.  Beyond just completing a task for the betterment of our organization, an incentive was offered that would stretch their planning skills, writing abilities, and marketing knowledge. Each would turn in a one page narrative with one page of pictures about their experience, with one submission selected to earn a $250 shopping spree for additional board games and equipment.

Yesterday I received my first submission, and it was about as perfect as one would hope. The statement of activities was clear, stories compelling, and photos just pretty darn good overall. In their narrative, they shared how, at first, when the activities of the week were discussed and staff talked about the Stewardship trips in their town, kids responded with “It sounds boring.” But what did they do for ME?” “Why does it matter?” The concept was explained again, broken down for the young people.

They started off on their journey, and it took two days, but by then the members were hooked. In fact, some had to be asked to stay behind because there wasn’t enough room to transport them because of no more space in the van. The members enjoyed meeting people who had worked together to make their Club a reality. During one such trip, a business owner asked, “Why are you here today?” Their answer? “We are here because without you, we wouldn’t be wearing these Club shirts right now.”

It took a bit, but the concept stuck, and as the week progressed staff also noticed a change in the kids at the Club. Now they are walking around the Club reminding one another to put things away after they are done; they are treating Club equipment with respect, because they had met the very people who had invested in the Club and helped to provide it for them. Bingo. It’s a nice day to work with kids when they demonstrate such knowledge and understanding without prompt.  So be proud Skagit County, the next generation of leaders are on their way to make a mark!

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