June 2017 Youth of the Month

Girl of the Month

Eliana W. Age 9

Eliana is a third grader at Little Mountain Elementary. She has been attending the Mount Vernon club for three years. In that time, she has been a staple in so many of our programs. She gets involved in art, participates in our many outdoor activities, and is respectful to staff and fellow students. 


Eliana W.

Boy of the Month

Iziah D. Age 7

Iziah is a second grader at Washington Elementary. He has been attending our club since last summer. He has distinguished himself with his sportsmanship and respect. His favorite part of being at the club is Triple Play outside. 


Iziah D.

Homework All-Star

 Naomi A. Age 7

Naomi is a first grader at Jefferson Elementary. She has only been a member since January, but in that time she has always made a point to get her homework done before doing other club activities. She has also participated in our Reading Stars Program and has accumulated over 250 minutes of reading! 


Naomi A.

Artist of the Month

Esmeralda D. Age 9

Esmeralda is a third grade student at Centennial Elementary. She has been coming to the Mount Vernon club for the last three years. Whenever the art room is open she can usually be found in there working on some new art piece and clearly enjoying her time in there. 




Esmeralda D

Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Carlos R. Age 8

Carlos is a third grader at Jefferson Elementary. He has only been coming to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club for the last month, but in that time he has made an impression with how much he loves participating in outdoor activities. He also demonstrates sportsmanship and respect. His favorite outdoor activity is soccer.

Carlos R.

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