Kids in the Garden

SW Kids in the Garden

SW Kids in the Garden

In the past three weeks at the Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club our Members, Staff, and Volunteers have spent many hours preparing to launch our Positive Sprouts Program. This program introduces kids to agricultural concepts that combines the fun of growing your own food with eating healthy. The Sedro-Woolley Club now has almost 215 square feet of garden space and the veggies are sprouting strong. 

Thanks to volunteers and community members Sedro-Woolley Members are hard at work to grow some healthy snacks and give back to their community. A majority of the crops produced will be donated to the local Community Kitchen that serves dinner to needy families in Sedro-Woolley, many of our Members have volunteered their the past two years and are excited to help again by growing fresh vegetables. In this manner, the Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club will raise great kids by raising great snacks.

If you have any questions about our Positive Sprouts Program or would like to help by getting involved in the Community Garden, call 360-856-1830 or email John Garman at

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