La Conner Kids Explore Rockets

Science Club Members had fun with Skittles this week in honor of the Seahawks and their upcoming participation in the Superbowl.  Members hypothesized about which different liquids would make the Skittles’ candy coating dissolve faster and even saw the edible ink letters float to the surface.  

La Conner kids then blasted off to the moon by exploring gravity and learning more about forces while continuing our engineering theme.  We discussed and saw examples of how forces and gravity play a key role with objects, both here and in space.  Members ended the day by building their very own soda straw rockets and and testing out their designs in a club countdown.

Science Club continues in February on Wednesdays at 3pm.  If you are interested in signing your member up for this great program, contact Education Coordinator, Kurt Wambaugh at 360-466-3672.

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