La Conner: Nail Ball Challenge

La Conner Nail Ball Challenge

Club member Alex D. tries to knock down the nail.

Today in the La Conner club, members took on the Nail Ball Challenge. 

The Nail Ball Challenge is set up by placing three balls, all touching each other, near the center of the pool table. Next we placed a flat nail head down in the middle of the three balls, which are arranged in a triangle formation. 

Members were instructed to use the cue and the cue ball to try and knock the nail over once the three balls were hit with the cue ball. 

The trick: If the nail is placed directly in the middle, not touching any of the pool balls, this challenge is almost impossible. 

Members spent the first part of the day, trying different bank shots to accomplish the feat!

Many entered. 5 were victorious in conquering the mighty nail:

  • Morgan G.
  • Miles S.
  • Max D.
  • Allison H. 
  • Delaney C.

Triple Play Games takes place everyday from 4:30PM to 6PM

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