LaC: Rocks The Vote

La Conner Rocks The Vote

Today in the La Conner Club, members were given the challenge of trying to earn a “Political Party” at the end of the day. They could earn this party by participating in different election themed activities. Each activity was worth a certain amount of  electoral points and their goal was 538 points (the total number of electoral votes in the United States)

The activity and point break down was as follows:

  • Letters to the President -15 points
  • Acrostic Poems – 15 points
  • Wall of Words -3 points per definitions
  • Presidential Quiz -3 points per correct answer
  • Question of the Day: “What was President Lincoln’s favorite meat?” (Answer: Abra-ham) -1 point

For the next hour, members turned in their activity sheets and answers into our ballot box. Polls closed at 3:30, and the results were in…602 points were earned.  They were rewarded with a “Political Party” which featured Root beer floats!

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