La Conner Torch Club Members Beautify the Club & Community

IMG_0225Torch Club members worked extremely hard in prepping the garden this last spring. Once the weather warmed, members could be found working tirelessly on the garden each day. Club members were able to enjoy early harvests of lettuce and peas, and some flower blooms.

Torch Club President, Riley Brooks, took the initiative and other Torch Club members were quick to respond, all playing a key role in the entirety of the gardening process. The Torch Club became quite popular, as younger members were constantly asking to be a part of the program. 

Gardening was just a portion of Torch Club participation. Members also went to local businesses and helped sweep, pick up trash, and clean windows. At the Club they cleaned tables, washed dishes, served snacks, and lead activities—setting a great example for younger members.

Due to low enrollment, the La Conner Club is closed for the summer, but Program Director, Emily Chappel, is making sure their gardening efforts will be rewarded and has moved the plants to a new garden plot. She plans to bring in harvests for all Clubs to enjoy. Members will look forward to fall and new projects for Torch Club in the community.

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