LaC: Beyblade Tournament

LaC Beyblade Tournament

Above: Miles S. shows off his Beyblade
Below: The championship round of the tournament held today.

Once a month, members at the La Conner Club get to pick the Triple Play Tournament of the week. This month they went with a Beyblade Tournament. 

Beyblade is a popular Japanese manga series that was later turned into a toy game.  The toys include a launcher – a device for bringing the spinning top up to speed, with either a separate or integral rip-cord. This  action causes the tops to be ejected, at the end of the movement. Players eject the tops into a plastic arena known as a Beystadium, with a slightly dished base, where they subsequently strike each other. The last top still spinning wins. 

8 club members participated in the double elimination style tournament, where Alden S., age 9 was     victorious! Coming in second and third place Miles S. and Charles B.

We run our Triple Play Tournaments every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4pm

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