LC Rings in Summer with Olympic Week


Olympic Flag

Members pose with their official Olympic Day flag outside of the Club.

Summer is in full swing at the La Conner Club.  Last week members celebrated athletics and sportsmanship with Olympic themed activities.  Through Arts and Crafts, Project Learn and Triple Play, members learned about different types of sports and about different countries from around the world.

A simple project using just paper, scissors and glue allowed members to recreate national flags for many different countries.  Later in the week youth used empty toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to make abstract paintings resembling the Olympic Rings.  The most popular craft project of the week was the Olympic Medals though!  Youth used salt dough to design and shape their very own medals, which were then baked by a staff member, and painted by members.  With the addition of a ribbon, La Conner athletes had their very own medals!
In the Learning Center, youth had fun learning about different Olympic sports through word searches, crossword puzzles and games.  They learned about Italy and engineering while 
participating in an activity called the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where members were given 20 sheets of paper, and had to work together in teams to construct the tallest tower.  Focus was a must for this project! 


And of course, Triple Play activities revolved around Olympic sports, too.  Soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis, and track and field events kept kids moving and outside for large portions of the days.  Thursday, June 26th the Club celebrated National Olympic Day by participating in a Pentathlon consisting of five different track and field events and signing this year’s Olympic Day Flag.  Youth had fun participating in a little friendly competition with their fellow Club members while getting in some good, old fashioned exercise too.
The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will be open all summer long. For more information about Olympic Day, or any of our other fun & engaging summer programming, please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email
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