LC Torch Club Salutes Service

Brave Heroes Torch Club

Members of the Brave Heroes Torch Club delivering Veteran’s Day crafts.

Last week, La Conner Club Members have been creating cards, letters, and craft projects to honor our veterans, and discussed why it is important to honor those who serve our country.  Friday afternoon, six Brave Heroes Torch Club members took a walking trip over to The La Conner Retirement Inn to drop off their cards and crafts for their veterans.  They spent time visiting with the residents and even got a chance to listen in on their music session while getting to know each other.  

Brave Heroes Torch Club

Resident of The La Conner Retirement Inn sharing his violin with a Club Member

Brave Heroes Torch Club is for Members ages 11-13. They will be participating in service projects around the Club and community throughout the year. If you’re interested in getting your Member involved in the Brave Heroes Torch Club please contact Kurt Wambaugh, Service Learning Coordinator at (360) 466-3672,  for more information about how to get involved.


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