Local Family Boosts La Conner Club Possibilities

File_000As the Annual Campaign for Kids benefiting the La Conner Boys & Girls Club begins to wrap-up, matching funds of $20,000 have been contributed to the initial effort by Eric and Beth Blank. The $30,000 total investment made by the Blank Family provides a much-needed boost to the Campaign to ensure the future viability and sustainability of Club programs for kids in the La Conner community.
“We are thankful for the generosity of the Blank family in this significant act of philanthropy,” said KJ Evans, Club Director for La Conner. “Their leadership will provide exactly what is needed to help us leverage resources to make our Clubhouse strong.”
A local Community Council has been working behind the scenes on fundraising and resource development, ensuring transparency and accountability of La Conner resources in supporting the local Clubhouse and it’s operation. Council members welcome the opportunity to spend a few minutes with community leaders interested in joining the effort to maintain a Boys & Girls Club in La Conner for youth ages 6-18. To set up a meeting with a Council member, please call KJ Evans at the Clubhouse at 360-466-3672 for arrangements.
Should the Challenge put forth by the Blank family be realized, sustainability for 2016 will be achieved, and La Conner Club kids benefit from increased participation opportunities. Regardless of the outcome, some additional services are already coming to fruition, with the Club preparing to offer suppers to Club members each program day, free of charge. Through a partnership with the Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction, the costs are reimbursed to the Club, stretching each and every donor dollar even further.
All involved are thankful for all the work and generosity of so many in the community on behalf of the kids and families who participate at the La Conner Boys & Girls Club. In addition the this recent boost to the Campaign, there are many who have invested their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that youth in La Conner have a safe, fun, and positive place to go when school is out.
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