Members Find Out How Bridges Stay Up

Three types of bridges shown above.


This week’s Club ZOOM session, members learned about the different types of bridges and their effectiveness. ClubZOOM activities help members to learn that science is interesting and something that they can do.

Below are the steps for you try at home.



  • 6 pieces of 8 ½ x 11 inch cardboard
  • 8 books of the same size
  • Tape
  • Objects to test the strength of the bridges
  1. Balanced Force Bridge
    1. Place a piece of cardboard across two piles of books.
    2. How much weight can it hold? 
  2. Strong Triangle Bridge
    1. Fold a second piece of cardboard lengthwise into a zig-zag shape.  
    2. Place the zig-zag shape across the books. Then place another piece of cardboard on top.
    3. Can it hold more weight than the Balanced Force Bridge?
  3. Arch Bridge
    1. Place one piece of cardboard on top of the other, about one inch from the end. Tape it down.
    2. Place the ends of the arch on top of half of the books. Place the remaining books on top to hold it.
    3. Put some weights on the top of the arch bridge. How much weight can it hold? More or less than the two previous bridges?
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