Money Matters to Teens

The Sedro-Woolley Teen Center is starting its first session of Money Matters, which is a program that is perfectly named because it is a pun that sums it all up! Not only is at a program that will teach its participants about why money is something that matters, but also about matters that involve money. Some of the matters concerning money that have already been covered involve wants and needs. What is a want and what is a need is an important matter when it comes to money. It is also an important matter to be able to recognize when a want becomes a need. An example one of the teens gave during the “want vs. need” discussion was that a car is a want until reliable transportation becomes a necessity for work or school. That is when a want becomes a need.

Another money matter that has been gone over is salaries. Teens made a list of careers they found interesting and Paige (Program Assistant and all around amazing person) did some research to find out what the average salaries of those careers are. Teens were then asked to match the careers with the salaries. They were surprised by some of them but even more surprised when they found out how much of that money would go to needs as opposed to wants. Hearing about the average annual cost of rent, electric bills, groceries, and transportation really illustrated why money matters!

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