Mount Vernon d2D: Week 2

Mount Vernon d2D: Week 2

Teen members learn why education matters and how to challenge themselves during d2D.

During d2D this week teen members learned why education matters and how to challenge themselves.

First teens had to brainstorm what colleges look for when they admit students. Once the teens established that it’s not just all about GPA anymore, they discussed the different things they could be adding to their daily activities that will help give them the edge.

Teens were then given 12 scenarios in which they had to discuss the positive choices that they could develop to reach the best outcome possible.

Here are the following scenarios:

1. You have a test tomorrow that you studied for last week. You feel ready, and your friends want you to go play basketball with them. What do you do?

2. At freshman orientation, you receive a listing of college-prep courses you should take if you plan to attend college. What do you do?

3. You’re shy and don’t like to talk in class. What do you do?

4. You have a big paper to write and need to focus. What do you do?

5. You’ve always known you’re not that good at math. What do you do?

6. You’re having trouble in your biology class. What do you do?

7. Your counselor wants you to take AP English. What do you do?

8. You have so much studying this weekend you don’t know how you’ll ever get it all done or even where to start. What do you do?

9. You’re looking forward to summer vacation, but your English teacher gave you a list of books you should read. What do you do?

10. There’s a huge U.S. history test coming up and you need to prepare. What do you do?

11. You have to study this weekend and know you’ll have trouble disciplining yourself. What do you do?

12. You have a big paper due next Tuesday and two quizzes that same day. Today is Wednesday. What do you do?

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