Mount Vernon Project Learn: Science Club

Mount Vernon Project Learn: Science Club

Club members learn about chemical reactions during Science Club.

On Wednesday, in the Mount Vernon Science Club, members learned about chemical reactions all while having fun with “invisible ink”. Below are the instructions and the explanation for the science experiment so you can try it at home.


·         Lemons or Limes

·         Paper (white is preferred)

·         Paint brush or cotton swabs

·         Iron, hair dryer or light bulb


1.       Squeeze the lemon or lime juice into a bowl.

2.       Paint the juice onto the paper with a paint brush or Q-tip.

3.       Wait for the paper to dry.

4.       Heat the paper with an iron, hair dryer, light bulb or other heat source. Be careful that you don’t hold it there too long, as it could burn the paper.

 Lemon juice is acidic and acid weakens the fibers in the paper. When the paper is heated, the acid burns and turns brown before the paper around it does.

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