Specialized Programs

These programs help youth create aspirations for the future, providing opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement.


Chess Club
Chess Club is a high-yield learning activity that is not only enjoyable, but also provides academic, social and cognitive benefits to those who participate. Members who choose to participate also are exposed to valuable lessons about confidence, discipline, patience and decision making! The skills members acquire through playing Chess prove to be extremely valuable in terms of relating to experiences in the real world.


Building Boundaries
The Building Boundaries program serves to educate children in grades K-6th and give them the tools and skills necessary to prevent abuse. The Praesidium curriculum is an excellent way for staff to discuss tough topics such as Boundaries, Secrets, Privacy and Healthy Relationships. Worksheets accompany each session and provide a great way for the kids to interact and be totally engaged.


Creative Writing
Creative Writing Club focuses on both traditional and non-traditional writing activities that promote and elicit not only fun and excitement but also work to improve students reading, writing and language skills. Members are also encouraged to expound on their imagination, work to develop a deeper passion for writing and share their creative works with others. It also affords our members an opportunity to develop confidence!


Cooking Club
With child obesity rates skyrocketing through the roof and the lack of importance placed on physical activity, many of today’s youth are already at risk for disease or are developing poor nutritional habits that will eventually lead to bad health as adults.The Healthy Lifestyles Cooking Club aims to get club members interested in cooking and baking along while teaching them about the importance of proper nutrition. We hope that by educating our members about establishing healthy habits early on and incorporating physical fitness into ones everyday routine, it will help to ensure our club members will go on to lead healthy lifestyles as adults.

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