MV Project Learn: Science Club

MV Project Learn: Science Club

Mount Vernon Club Members have fun learning about Chromatography.

Project Learn Science Club had a lesson in Chromatography; the science of separating colors. We began by talking about how some colors are made up of two or more colors. Then we talked about how black is the result of appropriate proportions of three primary pigments mixed. To follow up our lesson Members did an experiment that showed the breakup of color in a black marker. Here’s how you can try this experiment at home!


· White paper towels or white coffee filters

· A plate

· Black markers plus any other colored markers you want to try

· Water

· Water dropper

Place a paper towel or coffee filter on a plate so the colors don’t stain the table or clothes. With the marker, draw a large quarter-sized dot on the paper towel or coffee filter. Then, drip water on top of the dot of color. As the colors are released into the paper towel, you will get clues as to what colors go into making the black in your marker. Orange is also a fun color to try.

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