MV Teens Participate in Youth for Unity

Youth for Unity educates youth and teen members to understand and embrace different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles to prepare them to live in an increasingly diverse society.

At the beginning of October, Teen members at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club embarked on the journey of understanding cultures and will continue this journey until the end of the school year. To start with, Teens had to take time to learn about themselves. They were asked to think about unique things they knew how to do or participated in and then as a group discuss the influence of those things and possibly show an item that related to their topic. Teens then wrote a letter to themselves and placed it into a time capsule to be opened at the end of the school year. Teens also learned about the layers of their life. They had to create a collage using magazine prints to create a portrait of themselves.

The focus next month will be in seeing what is special and unique in every individual.

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