Club Kid Yoga Returns in March

Club Kid Yoga

The second season of Club Kid Yoga starts Tuesday, March 17th.

The La Conner Club is pleased to announce the second season of Club Kid Yoga with Crescent Moon Yoga Studio!

Athletics are a huge part of growing up these days for many youth in the area. They provide fun, a good source of exercise, create a sense of both pride and teamwork. Unfortunately, even young athletes can get injured while participating in sports at their age. Most of the common injuries that are experienced include strains, sprains, and motion injuries and breaks that, when repetitive, can affect the growth plates which can cause serious damage long term. Studies have shown that among the many ways to support young athletes, the one that is most underutilized is yoga. 

Crescent Moon Yoga

Thank you to Crescent Moon Yoga for this amazing fitness opportunity

Yoga can balance the body by building flexibility and strength. Adult athletes across many sports have used yoga to improve their performance. From Kobe Bryant to Russell Wilson, these stars have credited their success to incorporated yoga in their training routine.

For six weeks starting on Tuesday, March  17th, kids will head over to the Crescent Moon Yoga Studio and be lead through an hour-long workout by a professional instructor that will teach new skills, have fun, and feel good about themselves while getting better at their respective sport.

Age: 8 & older
Program Size & Length: Max 15 participants | 6 weeks
Cost: $15 per member
Club Kids Yoga Registration Deadline: March 13th. Member can’t participate until registration fee is paid. 

Club Kid Yoga take place Tuesdays in March/April from 3:30-4:30pm. For more information about Club Kid Yoga or any of our Targeted Programs that focus on Healthy Lifestyles, please contact the Club Director Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at 360-466-3672 or email

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