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With four Clubs and two new 21st Century Sites that we offer direct services to—you can imagine how much good stuff is going on at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County. Scroll down to read updates about the Targeted Programs being offered each and every day at our Clubs and visit the links on the right to learn more about upcoming events and how you can Invest in Our Kids.

Burlington Summer Breeze

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Now Hiring at all Clubs in Skagit County

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22nd Annual Golf Tournament

One of the premier golf outings in the Northwest, this tournament is known for the food and beverages, beautiful course, as well as the games and prizes. 100% of proceeds will go to the Clubs, making a difference in the lives of local children.

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Keys for Kids

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Youth of the Month – June 2017

Boy of the Month

Jaden L., age 10

Jaden attends Fidalgo Elementary and has been a Club member since 2015. He is a daily presence at the Club with one of the highest attendances of all Club members. Jaden is extremely creative and enjoys making unique creations in the art room.

Jaden L

Girl of the Month

Madison J., age 10

Madison has been a Club member since 2013 and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. Madison is a key member of Torch Club and is also diligent during Power Hour. This is her first time receiving youth of the month!


Madison J

Teen of the Month

Levi C., age 14

Though only joining the Teen Center this past year, Levi has become a regular sight around the Club. He has been a great helper at family nights and around the Club. Levi attends Anacortes Middle School.


Levi C

Homework All-Star

Elia L., age 8

Elia is one of the first Club members in the learning center every day. She does her twenty minutes of reading, finishes any homework, and even gets some online learning in. 


Elia L

Artist of the Month

Dakota L., age 6

Dakota spends lots of time in the art room. She really enjoys making animals or making herself into an animal!

Dakota L

Triple Play MVP

Zane W., age 8

Zane is a Triple Play machine, playing in games at least three times a day. His favorite games are ProBall, Soccer, and any kind of tag game. 


Zane W

STEM Superstar

Jordan F., age 9

Jordan enjoys spending a couple days a week in the computer lab creating games and trying new 3D designs. She also participates in other Project Learn activities that help develop math and reading skills. 


Jordan F

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June 2017 Youth of the Month

Girl of the Month

Eliana W. Age 9

Eliana is a third grader at Little Mountain Elementary. She has been attending the Mount Vernon club for three years. In that time, she has been a staple in so many of our programs. She gets involved in art, participates in our many outdoor activities, and is respectful to staff and fellow students. 


Eliana W.

Boy of the Month

Iziah D. Age 7

Iziah is a second grader at Washington Elementary. He has been attending our club since last summer. He has distinguished himself with his sportsmanship and respect. His favorite part of being at the club is Triple Play outside. 


Iziah D.

Homework All-Star

 Naomi A. Age 7

Naomi is a first grader at Jefferson Elementary. She has only been a member since January, but in that time she has always made a point to get her homework done before doing other club activities. She has also participated in our Reading Stars Program and has accumulated over 250 minutes of reading! 


Naomi A.

Artist of the Month

Esmeralda D. Age 9

Esmeralda is a third grade student at Centennial Elementary. She has been coming to the Mount Vernon club for the last three years. Whenever the art room is open she can usually be found in there working on some new art piece and clearly enjoying her time in there. 




Esmeralda D

Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Carlos R. Age 8

Carlos is a third grader at Jefferson Elementary. He has only been coming to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club for the last month, but in that time he has made an impression with how much he loves participating in outdoor activities. He also demonstrates sportsmanship and respect. His favorite outdoor activity is soccer.

Carlos R.

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Youth of the Month – May 2017

Boy of the Month

Hunter P., age 11

Hunter has been attending the Boys & Girls Club since 2016 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He is a program pro, attending everything including Power Hour, Triple Play, DIY STEM and more. Hunter recently volunteered at the Anacortes Club’s BE GREAT Breakfast. 

Hunter P

Girl of the Month

Neraeah B., age 9

Neraeah is a student at Mt. Erie Elementary and has been attending the Club since January of 2016. Neraeah is at the Club almost everyday of the week. Her favorite Club activities include the Art Room, Healthy Habits, and Drama Matters.


Neraeah B

Teen of the Month

Kandyce B., age 15

Kandyce attends Anacortes High School and is a longtime Club member, having joined in 2011. She is enjoys participating in Keystone Club and has taken a leading role in their blanket-making project. Kandyce is a fun and lively presence in the Teen Center and at Teen Nights.


Kandyce B

Homework All-Star

Lawrence B., age 9

Lawrence likes coming to the Club so he can get his homework done during Power Hour. He is super excited for this month’s Power Hour Store, where he’ll get a chance to spend all the points he earned doing his work.


Lawrence B

Artist of the Month

Austin M., age 6

Austin stood out this month in the Art Room for his unique and creative projects. Austin makes sure to follow instructions and show respect to staff and volunteers.

Austin M

Triple Play MVP

Samone P., age 10

Samone loves playing all kind of gym games. Her favorite games are Chair Soccer, Dr. Dodgeball and Four Square. 


Samone P

STEM Superstar

Trevor L., age 12

Trevor has been a coding machine this month. He never missing a Coding Hour and always makes sure to try new programs that he can learn about.


Trevor L

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Youth of the Month – April 2017

Boy of the Month

Erick W., age 9

Erick has been a Club member since 2013 and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. He is one of the most active Club members, participating in everything from Triple Pin Soccer League to Power Hour. Lately, Erick has been spending a lot of time in the computer lab working on coding.


Girl of the Month

Abby C., age 8

A student at Mt. Erie Elementary, Abby has only recently joined the Club this past fall. She has been quick to make an impression at the Club in her short time though with her eagerness to help staff and participate in different programs. Abby always makes sure to include her peers and clean up after herself too.



Teen of the Month

Titus J., age 13

Titus attends Anacortes Middle School and has been a Club member since he was just nine years old. He enjoys to play gym games with the younger members and serves as a great role model for them. Titus also helps with Keystone Club, Career Launch, and other teen programs. 



Homework All-Star

Tyler M., age 8

Tyler makes sure to go get his homework done during Power Hour every day. Even though he wants to spend time in the gym or the gamesroom, Tyler remembers to get his work done first.



Artist of the Month

Jaylee W., age 6

Jaylee enjoys spends lots of her time in the Art Room creating cool new crafts and creations. Her favorite type of art is painting, especially finger painting.


Triple Play MVP

Xavier J., age 8

Xavier consistently has one of the highest attendances in Triple Play activities. He enjoys everything including soccer, awesome ball, dodgeball and ice cream tag.



STEM Superstar

Austin L., age 9

Austin spends a lot of time in the computer lab working on coding. He also attends DIY STEM activities including Lego Challenges, Inventor Quests, and more.



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#Discover Summer 2017



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Youth of the Month – March 2017

Boy of the Month

Cooper S. Age 7

Cooper joined the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club this summer and is currently a 1st grader at Washington Elementary School. Cooper is always carrying a smile on his face ready to join in on any activity the Club has to offer. Whether he is participating in an outdoor game, working on his homework in the Learning Center, or playing Bumper Pool, Cooper is always having fun with his friends, all while being respectful and demonstrating great character and citizenship.


Girl of the Month

Faith N. Age 10

Faith is a 4th grader at Madison Elementary School and joined the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club back in 2013, making this her fourth year attending. She is an amazing presence at the Boys & Girls Club by doing her homework in Power Hour, getting creative in the Art Room, and finding time to play outside. Faith has grown into a great leader and role model for other members by being a productive, caring and responsible youth through the various activities she has done at the Club!



Homework All-Star

Agustin C. Age 10

Agustin is a 4th grader attending Centennial Elementary School and has been coming to the Club for 3 years now. Agustin is always seen working on his homework before he does any other activity in the Club. Recently, he has been participating in the Power Hour Star Readers Challenge and in doing so has accumulated over 100 minutes of reading, the highest of all youth in the Club!


Artist of the Month

Ashley G. Age 9

Ashley has been attending the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club for 2 years and is currently a 3rd grader at Centennial Elementary School.  Ashley is always ready to work on any project the Art Room has to offer. Her imagination and creativity have helped her create amazing pieces of art, ranging from complex paper crafts, to drawings of cartoons. She loves participating in Drawing Club and is always willing to help other members, carrying a smile on her face!


Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Karlin C. Age 9

Karlin is a 3rd grader attending Washington Elementary School and started coming to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club back in January of 2015. Karlin can always be found playing his favorite activities outside which include soccer, dodgeball and shark shark attack. He doesn’t care about winning or losing, as long as he is out there having a blast with his peers, which makes him a great role model for other youth.

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